News from Wellcome R&D Bacteriology Labs
and Production Areas - updated after the 29 Sept 'bash'
some direct quotes, others what I can remember from the hundreds of phone calls and emails I've had - there are a lot of names missing and I'll add to the list as and when I get news from them
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Chris Adlam
Phil and Mavis Barber
Justin Barry

Phil Brookes
Dave Brown
Stuart Broughton
Steve Chatfield
Kevin Cownley

Priscilla Crisp
Eileen and John Crowe
Margaret Davidson
Gordon Dougan/Chris Hale

Terry and Sheila Edkins
Sandy Ellis
Neil Fairweather
Eileen Fellowes
Laurie Flack

Trina Green
Gay Grimes
Phil Harding
Dot Harvey
Paul Hine

Christine Hurworth
Claire Jackaman

Graham Jackaman

Hilary Jacobs (Collins)
Rocky Jarvill

Paul Jones
Jaqui Kent
Althea Knights
Jonathan Knights
Roy Krywko

Val Lyness
Jeane Mills

Sue MacHardy
'Mac' Mackenzie
Tina Narendranathan

Beryl Osborne

Clive Parkinson
Del Pickard

Jane Quilter
John Raper
Fred Rayment

Paul Roberts
Tony Sheppard
Tina Silva
Betty Spacey

Sylvia Street
Kathy Sweeney

Bob Thomson
Sarah and Mike Thorley
Linda Trice
Peter Walker
Eileen Ward
Sheila White

Ken Wilkinson
Warren Wint
Fred Woolhouse

bulletChris Adlam
Chris and Carol came along    He's still with the old firm having been recently working in Belgium on vaccines but is now back in the UK.   More news when he sends some as I didn't get much chance to chat


bulletJustin Barry
"Glaxo Wellcome Biofarma was sold lock, stock, people and any full barrels to Genentech Inc. at a bargain price on 5th April 2000. Since then we have been up to our necks in a complete re-build of the facility at Porrino to convert it from the Wellferon process to the new process for manufacture of Rituxan, a monoclonal antibody for the treatment of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Some people may remember both Rob Arathoon from FMD days together with Tim Hughes who were both very actively involved in the negotiations. From our angle it was somewhat ironic to be dealing with Genentech and their new processes 20 years after both the  above left Wellcome to go to Genentech in 1980'ish. Furthermore the Rituxan process was developed at IDEC where Chris Burman, the other guy involved with the Porrino plant start up worked for several years.  The project is going well if a little more slowly than hoped and we managed to retain the entire staff and are now looking to increase numbers to over 120 (from the 52 at sale time) by mid 2002.   For myself I have been retained as Director of Quality (Genentech haven't found out yet!!!). I now have three extraordinarily beautiful (from the mother's side of course) children, Carolina 11, Rolando 7 and Oliver 6. We are also in the middle of home extensions: the kitchen this time around and have finally finished the pool in the garden so if anyone wants to visit fine.   The last few years at GWB were fraught for everyone but we have come through to a fine ending (or beginning). I spend a significant amount of time in San Francisco trying to learn all the new stuff we need to get in for the FDA!!   It would be great to hear about where everyone else has ended up. I think this is a fine initiative and look forward to further news"


bulletK Mary Booth
Mary used to work for Mrs Batty and still lives in retirement in Beckenham.    She was flattered to be remembered - mainly because she always signed herself "K Mary Booth" - she had a bit of a chequered career after leaving Wellcome, of which more later when I can find her letter!!
bulletStuart Broughton
Stuart moved to Tatsfield a few years ago and says he spends a lot of time in his "small" garden - I think he said only three quarters of an acre!     He could be at the reunion due to a family wedding in Malta.    He's had a look at the photos on the web site and reckons he should have come along to promote his "secret of eternal youth" as everyone looked so grey and fat!    Sounds like the same old Stuart.


bulletDave Brown
Dave still lives in West Wickham with Bina and the boys - Ben's at Canterbury doing Media an Marketing and Dan's really looking forward to GCSEs.   Bina is still nursing but is also qualifying as a counsellor.    Dave's hoping to wind up the consultancy he started after leaving Medeva probably ny next Spring and could even end up as a property tycoon in Spain.    
bulletSteve Chatfield
Steve and Laura have two children and live in Beckenham.   Steve travels a lot chasing venture capital and seems to have come a long way since the young technician who made Gay Grimes give him a penny a week as she earned tuppence more than him when they started in Bact Labs!
bulletKevin Cownley
Kevin's still at Beckenham and has just moved house and was feeling a bit poorly on 29th September.    I'm hoping he'll send me more news than that as, although we spoke for quite a while, the old senior moments have hit again and I can't remember the details other than something about whips and his 50th birthday party.


bulletPriscilla Crisp
She of the six sons and was it fourteen at the last count grandchildren, was on holiday with hubby, John, but sends everyone her love and she'll be there next time!!
bulletEileen and John Crowe
It was good to see Eileen and John at the do.   They are both retired and living where they have for the last 22 years on a National Trust Estate with 1.75 acres and lots of sheep and chickens and three dogs and seem absolutely content.
bulletMargaret Davidson
Margaret and Brian still live in Scotland and Brian's career seems to go from strength to strength while Margaret devotes her time to keeping fit, looking after daughter Caroline and cooking and cleaning like a good Scottish "wifie"
bulletGordon Dougan/Chris Hale
Chris and Doog live in Putney with their six year old son, Sam.    They work in Imperial College with Del Pickard.   They still work on the same scientific projects as at Wellcome and keep in touch with many people including the Wellcome Vets Football Team.  They work next to the Science Museum/Natural History Museum and would welcome visitors any time - email first - contact Eileen for email addresses. 
bulletEileen Fellowes - now Eileen Smith
Is now in semi-retirement but does a bit of IT teaching to top up the pension.  Stopped smoking after 34 years just before she was 50 and then married Robin in a secret ceremony in 1996.   Between them they have put on about six stone since their marriage - which now casts great doubts about the ability of Rob's little plane to take off when they both get in it.   That's her excuse for not flying with him until they both shed some flab!    Completely content to potter at home and in the garden and play with her computer'


bulletLaurie Flack
Still working part-time four days a week as QC Scientist for a small clinical diagnostic company.  In between this Laurie is part-time chauffeur, maid, chef and chief bottle-washer.  They are about to sell their  house in Florida in favour of one in Spain where they will welcome any visitors with a large glass of champagne!      Two children, one 16 one 14!!   Husband, Nick, going from strength to strength in his career.  


bulletTrina Green (now Beesley)
Trina is another person who could not attend the bash because of a family wedding.   She now has two children, she does freelance clinical research and wants everyone's news.
bulletGay Grimes
Gay and Norman now have two sons.


bulletDot Harvey
Dot and Eric now live in Midhurst and appear to be enjoying life as much as ever.  Dot sends her love to everyone and is looking forward to getting everyone's news.


bulletPaul Hine
Paul is in the middle of a transition. He has just accepted a Director position at a Human Health vaccine company (after ALL of these years in Animal Health) so is in the throes of selling his house and getting another one set up elsewhere. He says he is still a British citizen,  just as handsome as ever .. a single chin, a few grey hairs (not many) and still the same weight as he has been all his life.  It was great to see him on 29th and to hear that he enjoyed it as much as everyone else, especially after coming all that way!
bulletChristine Hurworth
Christine and her husband could not get to the reunion as one of her sons was a bit sick on the way and they had to turn back.    She apparently sent me a synopsis of her life over the last fifteen years or so last year, but I never received it, so I'll be as interested as the rest of you in catching up on her news.
bulletMike (Rocky) Jarvill
Mike and Christine still live in Horsham though he now works in Midhurst. And he says yes the waist is a  little larger and the hair a lot thinner and grey. He meets up on a semi regular basis with Clive Parkinson and Steve Chatfield so he is not totally out of touch.  He'd love to hear from anyone who wants to contact him - email me at for up to date list of addresses etc


bulletAlthea Knights
Is still HR Officer at the old firm - and was hoping to coming along but I have not got any news yet of why not or what she's been up to lately.
bulletJonathan Knights
Is back at the old firm - working in Harlow as some sort of computer buff - he could not come along but sends his best regards
bulletVal Lyness
Val is still in clinical research, currently working for Institute of Clinical research on a contract basis, implementing their CPD scheme.   She is going on a leg of the Round the World yacht race in November 2002 (Times Clipper 2002) see website and is still in touch with many ex-Wellcome friends
bullet"Mac" - Tom Mackenzie
Mac was really disappointed at not being able to attend but thinks the reunion is a great idea and will be at the next one!!
bulletSue MacHardy
Sue and John came along with lots of old photos - some now on the accompanying pages - of the old days.    Sue still looks exactly the same as she did 20 years ago except her hair's a little lighter.
bulletJeane Mills - now Jeane Gaze
Jeane and Les  are still in Westgate and manage holidays in Cyprus as often as they can!  Jeane seems to look after so many people and all their problems and keeps herself busy from dawn till dusk


bulletTina Narendranathan
I think she said she does consultancy work for people like Celltech but I've left my notes at work and the memory's fading!    I'm sure she'll be in touch with some more news as I did not get to talk to her - along with many others at the do.
bulletClive Parkinson
Clive works in Health and Safety - blast if I haven't forgotten where already - send me your news Clive in writing so I don't fogged and I'll include it!!   Sorry
bulletDel Pickard
Del works with Doog and Val at Imperial College and keeps in touch with many old Wellcome folks.   He looks younger than ever now that he's not so "emaciated" (his words)
bulletJohn Raper
John retired from driving for the Evening Standard and has taken up cultivating fuchsias and vegetables.    He and Veronica often babysit for his grandchildren and enjoy a hectic social life revolving around food and drink.     The good life seems to suit him as he has not changed a bit and was one of the few instantly recognised by everyone.
bulletPaul Roberts
Paul and Lynne came along with their son, Craig, who seemed to have more energy than all the other children put together.   Paul still works at Beckenham and Lynne is at Murex and both seem to be going places in their careers and still manage to look as young as ever.
bulletTony Sheppard
"Amazingly, I'm still at Beckenham having survived the two mergers. I still meet people in the GSK who think Beckenham closed, but we are still here and likely to expand in the coming years. We have already joined forces with our SmithKline colleagues in Upper Merion, Philadelphia so the Biopharmaceutical division has grown to over 400 staff. I recently took over form Scott Lorimer as Head of Manufacturing Development, whilst he is seconded to Upper Merion for 12 - 18 months. This involves producing of clinical trial materials in bld 138 (the old DCC) and the Pilot Plant in Bld 117 (old Bact lab offices, Tetanus suite and coldrooms).   I still live locally (opposite Hayes Farm) with wife Sue and two teenage daughters. The eldest is about to start her second year at Surrey University reading Music and the youngest is about to start her final GCSE year at Langley Girls School. "


bulletTina Silva
Was planning to come but has been descended on by relatives and this now seems unlikely - the phone call included a lot of words like "pooh-bum" and "blast" so I knew it was Tina.   Again, she sends her love to everyone.  She's currently decided she wants a full time proper job for a while - she's been working with her ceramics and also in a toy shop but if you know of any suitable employment - please contact her - she did not ask me to ask you by the way!!


bulletBetty Spacey
Betty works as a maths teacher in Warlingham and seems to be enjoying life as much as ever.  She still keeps in touch with lots of old Wellcome folks.  
bulletKathy Sweeney
Kathy, looking exactly the same as she did twenty years ago, came along to the 'do' with her two children and, of course, husband, Tel.  They are still living near St Agnes in Cornwall and their kids Sam and Katie are awfully nice and awfully 'posh'. Kathy's mum and dad also moved to Cornwall near them last year.     Kathy works part time in a school lab and seems to thrive on the life in the West.


bulletSylvia Street
Sylvie also looked exactly the same as she did twenty years ago, if not better, and to everyone's joy  came along to the 'do'.    She is still captain of a Darts team and winning trophies and having a full and active life.  
bulletSarah and Mike Thorley
Mike retired aged 54 and is still about to sail his yacht next year.   Sarah and Mike have two children, Rachel and Matthew, who sail their own dinghies.   Sarah cultivates more vegetables than they can all eat and Mike dreams about making a fortune on the stockmarket.   They live on Mersen Island, south of Colchester with lots of fresh air, cold and natives Mike says.    They travel to Northern Ireland to see Sarah's parents and sister and also to the north of Scotland to see Mike's grown up daughters.
bulletLinda Trice
Linda could not come along as she was off to Lake Como to celebrate her silver wedding anniversary.  
bulletPeter Walker
Dr Walker and his wife were of course at the reunion and he kindly said a few words about the good old days.   He's another one who does not change with time.    And for all that, I did not get to speak to him to catch up with his news so I'll have to add more later if he ever takes up the invitation to pop in to see us - we only live down the road - and sample Rob's scotch!
bulletEileen Ward
Eileen is as elegant as ever and she and Dave came along on 29th September even though they could only stay for a short while.   She still lives in Green Street Green and still loves gardening.
bulletSheila White
Sheila left Wellcome for Xonova in Slough, then spent four years at Therapeutic Antibodies in QA and is now at Celltech in Slough doing "virtual" manufacturing - must ask her what that is!   She does lots of walking and gardening and has a season ticket for Southend United football club.
bulletWarren Wint
Having finished his degree, Warren worked for Thompsons (I think) for twelve years, then started his own training company in 1995 based in Greenwich.    He could not come along on 29th as he and his wife are off on holiday to Japan but he says to give his best regards to all who remember him and he'll certainly come along to the next one!

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