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Recognise anyone? - The black and white photo was sent by Sue MacHardy who says "I've scanned the photo of the team that won the Intersite Indoor Games. Though it is not exclusively Bact Lab folk, there were a lot from the department involved. As I was the team captain I asked those I knew. I can't remember the year but it is probably in the early 70's. Dick Graham was the Club Manager at the time (tall chap with grey hair on the back row on the right hand side of the photo) so that could help date it." All contributions gratefully received and published if you can name the faces.

Indoor Games - Is that John Raper at the front of the first one?   I know it's Roy in the second. 

Link to first page of photos   - Steve and Doog, Graham J, Eileen and Dave with Laura Chatfield in background with Paul R and Craig, Jacqui, Betty, Paul Hine and Paul Jones, a motley crew too motley to mention and lastly Lynne and Paul Roberts.
Link to second page of photos - That motley crew again, Dave and Paul R, Chris, Lynne and Doog, erm ..... senior moment here, then Chris, Paul R and Lynne and then that motley crew again
Link to third page of photos - Paul Hine, Phil and Roy, Claire, Doog, Derek, Betty, Paul H, Ann J and Paul J, Claire and Paul H, and then a selection of that same motley crew again!!
Link to fourth page of photos  - Steve and Laura's daughter Rachel, Paul Hine, Jacqui, Ann and - sorry senior moment again.    Eileen and Dave with the flowers from Jeane, Sarah T with John and Eileen Crowe, Eileen, Laurie and Kathy, the arrival of the four Flacks, skinny Tony R, Ann and Paul J
Link to fifth page of photos - Steve and Tony, Sylvia and Jane, Neil and Bob, Tina N, Kathy, Sue MacH, Terry and Nick, Kathy and Terry's daughter Katie, Paul R with Chris and Sam (Ithink)
Link to sixth page of photos - PDW, Fred, Tina, Eileen and Beryl on far right, PDW greeting Jacqui, Dave and Paul R, Laurie and PDW, Bob and Beryl, that motley bunch again, Sam and Craig, Sarah and Mike's son Matthew, Derek, Graham J.