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There's more details on Eileen's database but here's some news, in brief, of those we've found so far.   Just see how many are in education or nursing!

Hazel Arney
bulletHazel's living in Canada, completing a Masters degree, has two children and would love to hear from anyone planning to visit Quebec

Hazel.jpg (1734 bytes)

Maureen Ayerbe
bulletMaureen's a School Administrator, has two children and dog Merlin and her daughter now knows most of Maureen's old school friends

Maureen.jpg (3257 bytes)

Jackie Baker
bulletJackie's retired now and enjoying voluntary work but previously was Personnel Director for a District Council.

JackieB.jpg (3031 bytes)

Valerie Bishop
bulletVal's been a dentist in Hong Kong but is now a community dentist and lives with a Scenes of Crimes Officer

Valerie.jpg (11061 bytes)

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Eleanor Brown
bulletEleanor's at the Lord Chancellor's Department and deals with Family Law - she says she's a dogsbody but we all know it's more important than that!

Eleanor.jpg (6025 bytes)

Eileen Bryant
bulletEileen's into computing as a hobby, spent several years in Finance but is now waiting to be made redundant from her secretarial post so she can teach basic computing part time

Eileen.jpg (7961 bytes)

Janet Burgess
bulletJanet still plays netball!    She's two children and two stepchildren and is a school secretary and he husband's a retired teacher

Janet.jpg (8863 bytes)

Linda Clare
bulletLinda qualified as a Social Worker when she was 40 but is now a lady of leisure.She has two children and two stepchildren and seems to be getting more grandchildren year by year


Deborah Close
bulletDeborah says she is a lady of leisure and even more so as she has no children!  Still waiting for more news


Marilyn Cook
bulletMarilyn went off to Europe in the late sixties, married at forty and has two sons.  She makes bears for collectors.   She's now known as Sally, not Marilyn and this was taken on her 50th!

Marylin.gif (39649 bytes)


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Carol D'Alquen Carol lives in Colorado and has two sons as shown the in photo.   She taught for many years but now works as Nursing assistant but is still involved in teaching

Carole.jpg (10285 bytes)


Jackie Frewin
bulletJackie's Admin Manager at a Further Education College and has two children and seems to be collecting grandchildren

jackief.jpg (2895 bytes)

Nicky Gelhar
bulletNicky's recently started up her own   PR company which involves a lot of travelling which she loves

Nicky.jpg (7045 bytes)

Shirley Gray
bulletShirley works as a secretary in Psychiatry at Guys and has two boys who were still living at home when we last heard from her


Maureen Hewitt
bulletMaureen was an Infant Teacher until 1981 when she was a housewife and taxi driver!  She's got two children


Jean Hunt
bulletJean is in touch with Diedre who contacted us via and hopes to come to the reunion on 15 March 2002.


Penny Lucas
bulletPenny worked for a while in the USA and has had a "varied office career" including Guys and Charing Cross hospitals.    Her son is in Advertising and daughter is studying Anthropology!

Penny.jpg (10544 bytes)

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Joan McCartney
Brenda Middleton
bulletBrenda originally worked as a Nursery Nurse and has two children.   She now is part time at St Mary's in medical records. 

Brenda.jpg (2953 bytes)

Dorothy Morrall
bulletDorothy is now Head of a large infant school and also Early Years Inspector.  She has two sons.

Dorothy.gif (32039 bytes)

Ann Penberthy
bulletAnn lives in a small cottage near Penzance and works as a receptionist.   Her stepson is in the army and her little niece is her pride and joy.

AnnP.jpg (27038 bytes)


Pat Roberts
bulletNot got much news on Pat, other than her daughter got a first at Oxford!


Linda Ruddle
bulletLinda works in a school for children with special needs and has two daughters, one a school teacher and one an occupational therapist

LindaR.jpg (6957 bytes)

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Pam Staples
bulletPam and her husband are tutors at the Local Regional College - Pam teaches Art.   Her daughter is training as a nurse and her son is studying Physiotherapy

PamS.jpg (2535 bytes)

Denise Tremelling
bulletDenise works for the Woolwich and has two children and two grandchildren.   She travels the country showing her Wirehaired Pointers

.Denise.jpg (10967 bytes)

Janice Williamson
bulletJanice has retired from being a School Secretary and I believe has moved to her house in Cornwall.  She has two children.

Janice.jpg (29082 bytes)


Diedre Woodley
bulletDiedre has contacted us via and not only that, she is in touch with Jean Hunt - both of whom will be coming to next year's reunion on 15 March 2002

Still to find:  Doreen Clark,Susan Curran, Margaret Dunford, Janet Foster, Eileen Hartill, Christine Hislam. Linda Holloway, Jackie Smith, Anne Townsend, Bertha Williams.

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