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School Centenary - 11 July 1998

Linda's husband, Ron, drove them to the church for the service.    Hazel met them off the coach among much weeping and wailing.  

Here's Hazel greeting Janet with Dorothy looking on

HazelJanet.jpg (32391 bytes)

There was even more weeping and wailing in the packed St John's church - especially at the School Hymn!!   Eileen had to be supplied with copious tissues throughout the service.

Then it was back to the school where Miss Hay later sat in state and "received" us all  but before that we met Mrs Spooner, Mrs Smith, Miss Dale and many more - when Linda reminds me I'll put in all the names!

Here's Miss Hay greeting Hazel - Dorothy's there again you'll notice!

MissHay.jpg (25365 bytes)

It was a wonderful day - even wine was served to us by the school girls on duty and we all only wished that more of the class could have been there.    However, here's a snap of those who were - plus Susan Booker, whom we adopted as none of her class turned up!

From top left: Hazel, Nicky, Linda, Pam, Janet, Dorothy
Bottom from left: Denise, Eileen, Jackie B, Eleanor, Susan B

CEBSCentenary.jpg (50845 bytes)

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