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I expect most of you have got this one with Father Tate on the left

FatherTate.jpg (97562 bytes)

Remember anyone here?   Taken in St John's playground

StT.gif (51130 bytes)

Remember Margate?  I think from the left it's Hazel, Bertha, Jackie F, Maureeen A, someone's cousin, Diedre, don't know who the chap is, Eileen standing, Jean in the shades and Nicky far right

Margate.gif (74688 bytes)

Old Girls Meeting 1985 - Pat, Eileen, Nicky, Miss Hay and Linda

OldGirls85.jpg (23221 bytes)

Linda's 40th in 1986 - Ron found Shirley, Maureen, Pat, Pam, Nicky, Linda (well she was there of course), Jackie F, Linda C, Janice, Denise, Eileen and Valerie

Linda40.jpg (37631 bytes)

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